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Winery and more!
So, again...the weekend seemed to FLY by! Thursday night we went to watch the boys play hockey up at Space City...of course by going and watching them play, I mean I sat at the bar and socialized with all the other girls there to 'watch them play'.

Friday we relaxed and hung out with everyone at Bob's house at night. Saturday we did nothing...literally nothing all day. I will be the first to admit that we are constantly going, going, going and a day to relax would be great...but on the rare occasion I get a day like Saturday (one, maybe 2 a year) I find I am utterly bored and super fidgety. It was a long, boring day.

....Anyways, yesterday we went to Haak Winery with Brian's company. I had never been to a winery and only thought those existed in napa valley state side. It has only been recently that I have began to love wine...Australian wine is my favorite. We got some samples, had 'wine pairing' foods like cheeses, breads, fruit and spreads, and listened to some pretty decent music. There was a good turn out, unfortunately, we think most of the people there were from corporate because neither Brian or Chris recognized anyone. We were able to walk freely through the vineyard too, which was nice. The president of the company was there, I had never spoken to her, she knows Brian though through word of mouth. Anyways..I went up to her because she had a cute little dog sitting on her lap and I just asked her if it was hers and she said no, it was her grand-puppy. So we started talking and I told her that when Brian comes out, she needs to convince him to let me get a small she said OK and when Brian came out, she flagged him down and told him he needs to buy me one...LOL. He just rolled his eyes, and said 'uh huh'. As we were leaving she said she was going to start sending him emails about it, lol.

I have a 'career presentation' thingy Wednesday at a vet hospital (pets...not old people). It's not a dream job, but it's something for now until this stimulus money starts rolling out and into these community health programs that they promised. With the amount of money Brian brings home monthly, I really only need a minimum wage job to pay the remaining bills. So we will see....

This coming Friday marks 5 years for Brian and me being together...5 years! I sometimes look back at where we were 5 years ago, and can not believe where we are now. We have changed so much and have gone through so's really hard to believe it all fit into a 5 year time period.

Well I suppose it's time to get back to watching NASA TV...they are completing their last space walk to repair Hubble. This is the last time anyone is ever going to be touching the Telescope...which just blows my mind when I think about it.


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