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wont it ever stop??
I feel sick...really really sick:( it fucking sucks and never fucking ends. I was sick with a cold for 3 fucking weeks starting in the beginning of October. i FINALLY started feeling better and then BAM...i start work up and get sick AGAIN. Now im getting over that cold and i feel like im going to fucking throw up. FUCK THIS.

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That sucks, you must have some serious allergies. Drink lots of a remedy that works for me is to get the shower room really steamy and deeply breathe in the steam

Hey there.. You don't know me, but I did a search for winona, MN and you were one of the 300 or so LJ's out there.

Check out the new community: winona_mn

I'm looking for a lot of people to join so we can get it going :). Hopefully it can help start new friendships and let people know of events going on in town.

(PS- any ideas for improving the community would be appreciated :)

Its AJ. Add me on this name.

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